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Studios92 - World accommodation
If you are planning a trip, no matter if you are alone or in group, don't hesitate to visit our website to get your accommodation among our offer of hostels, hotels, studios and apartments located all over the world. Thanks to our large selection you can find the lodging which suits you plus we also suggest some activities to do.

Studios92 - England Accommodation
You would like to visit London for the first time ? Get here all the information and services you need ! From the accommodation booking to the attractions or tours you can find in the capital, we really hep you plan your trip. As our offer of youth hostels, hotels and flats is very huge, you will be able to get the suitable one according to your wishes.

Uklodging - UK Accommodation
If you are looking for an accommodation in London, we can help in your researches. We provide lots of lodgings from the cheap hostel to the luxury hotel to fit you whatever you budget or needs are. We also give you the opportunity to know everything about the places to visit and book some great activities not to miss directly online.

Londonlodging - London Accommodation
No matter how long you plan to stay in London, here we have your accommodation lodging. Indeed, we provide youth hostels, hotels, studios and flat-shares everywhere in the capital to suit your personal or business needs. To get around the city and enjoy its activities, glance at our guide and start to plan your trip thanks to this list of places to visit.

If you want to explore countries all over the world, we can help you book the accommodation for your stay. We have a large offer spreading everywhere to allow you discover other cultures and interesting places. Find the youth hostels, hotels, studios or flat-shares you are looking for through our website for you, your friends and your family.

If you wish to discover European countries, take a look at our large offer of hostels and hostels. Get an amazing experience with your circle of friends exploring new lands and cultures. For each destination we provide very good rates to allow you to enjoy the city with people who are with you. Browse our selection and book online !

Eustay - Europe accommodation
Interested in visiting Europe ? Browse our selection of destinations to plan from now on an unforgettable trip abroad with your friends or your family. We offer you a large suggestion of hostels, hotels, apartments and studios to satisfy all budget, tastes and needs. Don't hesitate to leave your country and discover other beautiful lands than yours !

Euhostel - EU hostel
If you are planning a trip to Europe, glance at our several destinations such as Greece, Italy or Germany. Don't be afraid of spending too much money for your lodging, we guarantee that you will get a very inexpensive accommodation thanks to our offer of hostels and then be able to enjoy your stay properly. Call your friends to live this experience together !

Supreme-apartments - Luxury apartments
Planning to go to London ? We specialize in luxurious apartments well-situated in the city centre and offering you all facilities you might need for a short-term or long-term stay. It will make you at home thanks to the fantastic service we provide. Get here a comfort and pleasant accommodation for any holidays or business travels you plan.

Cheap-studios - Studio accommodation
Looking for a nice lodging in London ? Browse our selection of very affordable studios. Mostly suitable for young people, live a while in one of those during your studies or job. Sharing a flat with others is not only the best way to save money but also to meet some people and so no matter what the length of your stay in the capital is.

Flat-share - Flat-share accommodation
You would like to find a place to live in London but you are still looking for it ? We can help you get it thanks to our large offer of accommodation pretty well-located in North London near all transport facilities. From there, you will be able to reach the city centre easily without spending a lot of money like you would pay for any rental in Central London.

Cheap-flats - Studio accommodation
Are your researches of the lodging you wish fizzling out ? No worries, here we suggest numerous accommodations that could suit you perfectly. First of all, we provide the cheapest studios or apartments ever in the whole London. Then, we offer lodging for all kind of stay, from the business travel to the family holidays.

Cheap-room - Studio accommodation
Going to move in London ? Don't hesitate to browse our offer of lodging ! For any length of stay, we specialize in very cheap room letting either in a studio or in a flat to share. You will save a lot of money and enjoy life in community during your studies or vacation. For you and your circle of friends, we suggest different kinds of rooms to fit you !

Studios-London - Studio accommodation
Anywhere you want to stay in the capital, here you can get the perfect location for a very nice personal or sharing accommodation. From the cheapest room to the luxurious flat in the city centre, find the most suitable lodging according to your tastes. Book online you are going to regret it !

Supreme-hotels - Luxury hotels
If you are going to London on holidays or business travel and don't want to give up the comfort you have got at home, glance at our selection of luxury hotels. Perfectly located and offering services that you can't even expect, those palace won't disappoint you. Book your stay from the bedroom to the conference room you need...

Oxford Hotel London
The Oxford Hotel is a charming Bed&breakfast situated in Paddington area. From this location you will be able to reach quickly Hyde Park for a walk or Oxford Street for any shopping craving. Ideal for a short trip in the capital with your friends or family as it's cheap, friendly and many facilities to make your stay enjoyable.

Europa Hotel London
The Europa Hotel welcomes you in a quiet place of North London near Tufnell Park tube station. Opt for this Bed&breakfast, both to be away from the noisy capital and to reach the city centre easily by day for any sightseeing you want. Get this relaxing lodging for your stay alone or in group and whatever your budget is.

Springfield Hotel London
The Springfield Hotel is a very affordable Bed&Breakfast offering different sorts of rooms in a nice location. Indeed, from the hotel you can easily reach places such as Hyde Park, Marble Arch and Oxford Street which are all within walking distance but also other famous attractions. Therefore, if you are coming to visit the capital this is the best you can get.

Victoria-hostels - Victoria Hostels
If you are young, wishing to travel with your friends or to get an accommodation for a short period, we can offer what you are looking for. Our selection of youth hostels allows you to get a very well-located lodging either in Kensington, Victoria or Hyde Park. All of them are very good-value for money then don't hesitate to book it !

You have always wanted to cross the world and discover Australia. Is it the destination you dream about ? Glance at our website to get more information about accommodation in this country and see that it's much more affordable than you expected to travel over there. We also provide cheap hostels and flat-shares in London, therefore you have no excuse about budget to not plan a trip !

Active-Leisure-Fitness - Leisure centre
Fed up about your work or your studies ? Get some relaxing time going to one of our sport centres situated in North London. For every age and taste, we offer you activities and sports such as scuba diving, basketball, fitness or squash. Check all the facilities we provide, find the leisure which suits you best and enjoy it alone or in group.

Visiting-Britain - Britain Guide
If you are planning to visit Great Britain, have a look at our guide of activities and events that you can find anywhere and that you want to attend either in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or England. From the places to go to the booking of accommodation, this website will help you get information and services useful for your trip.