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Q- What do you do in

A- We supply budget short term flat share and long term flat share in London. Our flat shares in London are perfect for travellers, students and holiday makers.

Q- What type of payment do you accept for flatshare rent?

A- We accept Cash, Travellers cheques in Pounds, Bankers Draft, Money Order, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, some debit cards like VISA DELTA, SWITCH, SOLO and JCB to pay your flatshare rent.

Q- One week stay in a flat share. : Does this mean 7 nights or 5 nights like some hotels?

A- No, in the flat share 1 week is 7 nights.

Q- How do I book a flat share?

A- There are several ways to book a flat share in London: you can use the Secure server by clicking on "book" on this website, or by telephone at 0044 (0) 870 042 9290 with the London or Kent office. Our multi language staff will be happy to help you! If you need some information, do not hesitate to use our Live On line support.

Q- Are you available to show me the flatshare room before booking?

A- Yes, you can view the flatshare room before booking, Viewing can be arranged from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm on appointments only.

Q- Do I need to pay money upfront for the flat share?

A- The deposit is 10% of the total amount with a minimum of 5GBP and is not refundable. The deposit is due while booking the flat share. It is a security deposit which will be deducted during your last rent payment.

Q- What is the difference between short-term flat share and long term flat share?

A- Short term flat share in London is from one week to 28 nights. Long term flat share is up to one year. The shorter the stay is, the more expensive it is. Indeed, if you stay more than 28 days on our flat to rent, you get a discount of 20 percent on the daily prices. Usually short stays in our flat shares are not as flexible as longer stays, since you will have contracts and notice periods to be aware of.

Q- What is your cancellation policy for flat share?

A- Before arrival: Our cancellation policy requires a 28 days'written notice before the arrival date (by e-mail only, including reservation number). Shortening the stay is also possible with a 28 days' written notice. If failing to do, so a charge of up to 14 nights'flatshare rent may be enforced. Any deposit paid in advance will not be refunded regardless of notice. When you are already here: TThe first flatshare rent is payed for 28 nights in advance. If shortening the stay, we need a 28 days prior written notice. The deposit will not be refunded. The changing of a booking, i.e. changing of arrival date, room type or number of persons results in a charge of 10 GBP per change of booking.

Q- I am arriving in London very late about midnight or even later if the plane is late, but I do not want to book in a hostel...

A- We will be happy to book you in one of the hotels in London(via our sister websites) not far from our locations for the first night, and then come the next day at 11 am to our flatshare rooms.

Q- How do I Pay?

A- In all the cases you can pay your flatshare rent by cash. Some of partners do not accept credit cards, so you can contact us to have all the information before your arrival in London.

Q- This is our first time in London and we would like a flat with one or two bedrooms and private bathroom and kitchen. Your rates seem very good... it sounds great.

A- Please be aware that a flatshare in London is expensive and the reason we are able to offer such good deals is that in most cases the bathroom and kitchen are shared. If you are looking for private facilities, this is possible but be prepared to pay more than the basic options listed. An apartment in London for a short term stay can be very expensive, so if this is what you are after then be ready for expense!

Q- What is check out time?

A- Check out time is 10:30 am

Q- What is check in time?

A- Because check out time is 10:30 am in our flat share, the check in time is after 12:00 noon, which gives the cleaning staff time to get the flatshare rooms ready.

Q- I am arriving around 8am, can I have my flatshare room that early?

A- To access the flatshare room that early, you will need to book it from the day before, so it will be kept empty.

Q- I am arriving at the airport at 8pm, and I can be at the station at 10pm, can I get picked up using your service?

A- This service is only available between 9am and 5pm usually. If you do have a late arrival, we may be able to work something out, otherwise we can book you into a hostel with 24hour reception for the night, then you can have breakfast and meet us the next morning for your flat share.

Q- I am arriving next week in London for the weekend with 12 of my friends, would you have a 12-beds-dorm?

A- We do not offer dorm rooms, but we refer you to our partner website that does hostel bookings.

Q- Do I have to pay a bond/deposit (Damage deposit) when I arrive to the flatshare?

A- When you arrive in London, we take a print-out of your credit card which will be destroyed after your check out as a deposit for damages and against lost keys. If you do not have any credit card to pay your rent, it would be a good idea to apply for one. You can also make a booking with a friend or a relative credit card, providing you supply their full name, address and phone number. Obviously permission is required and we reserve the right to contact the card holder for authorization.

A cash deposit may be required if a credit card cannot be provided.

Q- How many blankets/sheets/towels are provided?

A- As many as you need. It is free of charge in our flat share!

Q- What does the service charge constitute?

A- Service charge is what you pay when you are renting a flat, not a house. It is usually around £65 per month. When staying in our flat share, we cover it for you.

Q- How often are the rooms cleaned/sheets & blankets changed, and is there a separate charge?

A- Flatshare rooms are cleaned before you check in. The flatshare rooms are also checked by one of our managers, before you move in. You get the clean linen and then it is up to you to clean the linen during your weekly laundry. Cleaners clean the common areas, they do not have access to private rooms. You are required to clean up after yourself every time you use the kitchen or the bathroom.

Q- Are the ironing facilities communal in the room to rent? If so, what is the charge if any, to use the iron/ironing board?

A- Iron facilities in flat share are communal and there is no extra charge because it is part of the service that we offer you.

Q- Are the showers or heating in the rooms coin operated?

A- We do not have any coin operated devices in our rooms to rent.

Q- What type of heating is used in the rooms to rent of London ? e.g. oil, electric, gas?

A- Gas central heating, supplied by British Gas in most flatshares and houses. Few rooms to rent have electric heating.

Q- Can the temperature of the heaters be controlled/adjusted?

A- Yes, you can control the temperature of the heaters in our flat share.

Q- What month is the heating able to be utilized?

A- When ever it is cold in the flat share, usually October to April.

Q- Does the heating automatically turn on/off at the times given on the web site?

A- Yes, it does.

Q- Do you supply washing and cleaning materials?

A- Yes, dish washing liquid and cleaning stuff to clean the bath are supplied in the flatshare

Q- What appliances are provided in the room to rent?

A- All of the rooms in our flat share have fridge, Cable TV & telephone, wardrobe, bed, desk, chair...

Q- Are there direct dial phones in the room to rent or coin operated public phones in the building?

A-In all of our flatshares, there is telephone in the rooms. In both cases you can dial out using phone cards supplied by us and it is much cheaper. We have very competitive rates for all calls worldwide. Ask us on arrival for further details.

Q- Do you provide electric blankets in the flatshare?

A- No, they are considered a fire hazard in the flat share.

Q- Is there a supermarket in walking distance of the flatshare ?

A- Yes there are shops and shopping centres within walking distance of our flat share. You can also order home delivery or order your groceries by internet using a credit card.

Q- If I make a booking for three weeks from the date of my arrival, will it be relatively easy to extend my stay in the flat share?

A- Yes, simply notify us when you arrive in London (or as soon as possible).

Q- What appliances/facilities are provided in the kitchen of the flatshare?

A- In all of our flat share you do not need to buy a thing. All appliances and cutlery in the kitchen are supplied by us.

Q- Is there a laundry with washing machine and/or clothes dryer in the flat share? If not, is there a Laundromat within walking distance?

A- All of our flat-share have a washing machine in the kitchen.

Q- As I arrive in London on a Sunday afternoon, is it possible to arrange for someone to open my flat share room?

A- No problem! Just discuss it with us when you call or e-mail us

Q- Does the room to rent have any wardrobes/cupboards/storage facility?

A- Yes, all rooms to rent do.

Q- Do you serve breakfast in the rooms?

A- We do not but with our websites Studios92 you can find a room in a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast where breakfast is served.

Q- When is the time limit to make a reservation of a room to rent ?

A- You can book as early as you want or as late as you want, although generally it is best to book the flat share as soon as possible, as we cannot always guaranty the availabilities of the rooms.

Q- When shall I pay the rent for the flatshare ?

A- If you are staying 4 weeks or less, the total amount is due on arrival. If you stay more in our flat share, you will have to pay the 28 first nights on arrival. Your deposit will be deducted on your last rental payment. If you shorten your stay in London, the deposit will not be refunded. On arrival, the check-in staff will take an imprint of your credit card (like a hotel) as a security deposit. On departure this can be returned or destroyed once the room is inspected. Without a credit card there may be a cash deposit required for your stay.

Q- I have a credit card, if I call you and give you the details, can I pay cash when I get there or will I be charged on credit card?

A- You will be charged a minimum of 10% non-refundable booking deposit which will be used to secure the booking of your flatshare. You pay the balance on arrival in cash if you want. Some of our partners do not accept credit cards.

Q- Do you use gas or electricity for cooking?

A- In every flatshare there is electricity or gas for cooking. With London and the incredible number of restaurant you can also eat on take away, especially fish and chips and junk food.

Q- I am travelling with my girl friend, can we share the room?

A- Yes, of course. A double room to rent ((one double bed) or twin room to rent (2 single beds) would be suitable for you.

Q- Is smoking allowed in the rooms/flatshare?

A- For your own safety, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the flatshare ! Smoking makes the rooms smell bad, plus it is a fire hazard. You can smoke outside the flat-share making sure you dispose of the cigarette on the allocated box to keep the area outside the flat clean and tidy.

Q- What about room dimensions?

A- In our flat share, the minimum for a single room should be around 10 meters squared and a double room 12 meters squared.

Q- What happens when I fill the information on the booking form?

A- Depending on the request, Flatshare London informs you if we can make a booking for a flatshare straight away or not. If not then we keep your details on the waiting list and if there is an opening as you requested we will contact you. If you are on the waiting list, it will be a good idea to inform us close to the date that you are still looking for a place

Q- Can I make a booking for next Christmas & New year ?

A- In most cases yes, just use our secure server or give us a call

Q- If I arrive at 9:30 am, can I have my room straight away?

A- Check-out time for current residents is 10:30am and check-in time for new residents is 12pm in our flat share (to give us time to clean the room). You may, however leave your luggage with us at the office and go on an exploring tour of the area or go into Central London (

Q- Do you supply clean bed sheets, my friend told me, some landlords in London supply dirty bed sheets?

A- You will get clean bed sheets, duvet and duvet cover in our room to rent.

Q- Do rooms to rent have bunk beds?

A- No, they do not. Flatshare London do not offer bunk beds and dorms. We have mainly single, double and triple rooms. If you are after a bed in a hostel, you can go on ( )

Q- You offer free pick up for customers, is this correct?

A- The Free pick up applies to guests staying with us only. Just note that after 5pm you will be charged of 10GBP per person for late pick up. After 8pm you will be charge of 20 GBP per person. There is no more check in after 9h30pm.

Q- What is the best way to recommend you?

A- Tell your friends about or

Q- If I buy a weekly travelcard, can I use it on buses or night buses?

A-You can use all travelcards (daily, weekly and monthly) on the night bus. You can also buy a BUS PASS, the PASS is not valid in the tube but it it very cheap and you get to see London as well.